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  • The California Run on Aug. 27, 2018

    The California Run proves to be an amazing voyage in itself. Mark A. Rimmer invites the reader to experience the multi-faceted humanity aboard ship in the mid 1800s, as well as the incredible ingenuity required to navigate the high seas. The many characters are alive and real. I have curled up with this captivating novel for hours at a time with anticipation of what will happen next. The author hones in on many aspects of human nature, the despicable along with the benevolent. The author’s detailed and historically accurate descriptions of on-board procedures cause one’s jaw to gape in discovery of what it was like to navigate a clipper more than 150 years ago. Some procedures described in these pages include navigation by sextant, depth-sounding by weighted line, and estimation of velocity with actual knots every 50 feet along a rope. Wow! This gripping story of The California Run profoundly jumps from the page with so much realism that I find myself almost expecting to see photographs of every event. I easily imagine the face of each character, and I even ponder which actor might well portray him or her in a motion picture version of this adventure. I heartily recommend The California Run to everyone who is ready for the historical and literary ride of their lives. I also look forward to any and all upcoming writings by Mark A. Rimmer, and am deeply impressed by his obvious human passion and his authoritative rendering of the seafaring life.