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As a teenager, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. He baptized me in the Holy Spirit and called me to serve as a prophet, then later added evangelist and teacher.

Interestingly enough, before I met Christ, I experienced prophetic dreams and visions that came to pass without fail.

As I grew older, repressed troubles surfaced that threatened to bring my inner kingdom down. I began a quiet quest for more answers. In the middle of my inner war, in 2008, the Holy Spirit asked me to write about "Patience," which I finally completed in September 2012. Another book quickly followed, "Five Keys to Restoration." However, my inner war remained.

Since 2012, such a great hunger drove me to uncover such incontrovertible truths of such magnitude, that I felt compelled to suspend all of my beliefs in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and religion itself. I now see that there are two types of religions: maverick and conventional. The former is meant to liberate and empower the soul; the latter to divide, control and enslave. At this time I've chosen to reject maverick and conventional religion alike.

I have no delusions of ever finding the source of ALL truth, but rather consider myself on a truth-seeking journey. Therefore, my published works no longer mirror my ever expanding world view. I aspire to share some of my insights in a series of books, but in the interim, you can review my author's blog ( or twitter account ( to find a window into some steps of my journey.

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  • ...And Pull The Hole In After You on Oct. 11, 2012

    The Fox With A Mean-Left Hook ‘...And Pull The Hole In After You’ by John A. Kraft’ Reviewed by Don Eugene Brown To really get to know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. That’s hard when you have no sympathy for criminals, like me! However, after reading this striking book (pun intended), ‘...And Pull The Hole In After You’ by John A. Kraft, a Crime/SuspenseThriller, from WordKraft Press, 2012, this book delivered a winning blow, compelling me to walk a mile with Beverly and Dominic Deltino. This story is about a damsel who, in many ways, acts as her own Princess Charming. In other ways she’s like a helpless attractive fox, and her estranged mob husband, Dominic Deltino, is the primary hound (did I mention that I did not like criminals)! The more reputable hounds come out of their holes later in the book, all with one thing in mind: nab the bad guy or gal. While on the run, Bev falls in love with Davis Lovejoy. Two men plus one woman equals double trouble. The sheer force of this story sweeps you off your feet with an expectation that delivers on its promise. I think that Beverly is the alter ego of the author’s wife, Dawn (without the criminal connection, of course). John Kraft lived in Hollywood while working as an actor, comedian, voice-over actor and writer. After 25 years he and his wife, Mrs. Dawn Kraft, moved to their own “hole” in Terra Haute, Indiana. Mrs. Kraft serves as a church pastor, but her self-reported main role is to “keep John (Davis Lovejoy) from embarrassing himself in public.” Nonetheless, John’s first novel is no embarrassment. The character dialogue has some initial minor repetitiveness but overall the ethos and pathos of each character will pull you in. You’ll forget you’re reading and feel like you’re watching a movie. One example is the confrontation between Beverly and Dominic. They were arguing over having kids. He was in favor. In a burst of anger Dominic had just slapped Beverly very hard on the side of her head. In retaliation Beverly said she’d rather have an abortion: “…, I’d do it myself, with a coat hanger. The world doesn’t deserve another you slithering around," she said with a dismissive wave. She knew how to hurt him worse than any punch she could ever throw. “I’ve done it before, Dominic, and I’d do it again. I’ve already killed two of your babies.” She could see that she had hit a nerve. “What?” His eyes grew even wider. She smiled, seeing him in some real pain. “Yeah, Dominic, and they were both boys. I had your sons scraped out of me…” She knew that would tear him apart. It wasn’t true, but he didn’t know that.” Dominic was so infuriated he lunged at Beverly, pinned her down and held her throat in a death grip! The book’s urgency is palpable! You detect its pulse on the first few pages. There’s a reprieve for pacing’s sake, followed by an increased surge after a member of the Family notices “a vaguely familiar blonde.” Things really take off after a stranger “…grabs the Cherry Garcia ice cream one nanosecond before (Bev) does.” From here you don’t come up for air until all of the hounds have been subdued by words, picks, shovels and guns! Overall, I give this book, “…And Pull The Hole In After You,” a solid four stars! The soul of this book is likeable from page one! Kraft’s flare for humor flashes into view at appropriate moments throughout the book. His humor had me in stitches quite a few times. Kraft’s reference to the Three Stooges, and the Red Giants were funny and very creative. The main characters, Beverly, Davis, and Dominic, were all believable. The story’s movement and tension create a three-dimensional world right before my mind’s eye. John Kraft is masterful at providing not too much and not too little detail in his scenes. However, at the end you’ll see things from a new perspective and perhaps pause before you label one a fox and the other a hound. Whatever you ultimately conclude, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this read! *** Note: The author sent me a copy of the book for review on 3 Oct 2012. He then sent me a code to obtain a free copy of the book today (11 Oct 2012), so I could post my review ***