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Prof. Dr. Daniel Cebo is a skeptical and controversial scientist who thinks deeply about our emerging technological future. He was born in 1978 in Sarajevo and grew up in Belgrade,where he studied molecular biology and physiology at the University of Belgrade. During 2005 he left Serbia to Germany where he obtained PhD at University of Freiburg. Following his doctorate in 2010, Daniel accepted a position as a research assistant and later as a principal scientist at Free University of Berlin. During that time, he developed a research interest in investigation of stem cells and community-based research, particularly in global healthcare treats and substance abuse. He is currently an independent researcher and honorary professor with interests in the fields of science, technology and health, with current special interests in synthetic biology, robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of humans. He believes that moving into a new phase of human evolution requires a scientific and technological revolution combined with the substantial spiritual changes that are closely interlinked, complementary and mutually supportive. That type of research is his life interest. He argues about the humanity future because it is believable that the long-term outcomes for our civilization depend sensitively on how we handle the initiation of specific human-machine transformative and digital capabilities

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life is movement. And because we are part of this magnitude of movement called Life, we continue to move every morning, get out of bed and begin to do your routines. Otherwise, if we are dead, how can we do this routine? Just do not compare yourself to others or you will begin to feel bored. I have no motivation for getting out of bed every morning. This may sound robotic, because humans have reasons why they are what they are.

On the other hand, because we connect our actions to some form of causes why we do what we do, we thought we are not robotic because we are human beings that feel. We attached our reasons to something more: motivations. And motivations turned into keys to start the human robots to moving, working, but not thinking because it was programmed with certain human-like files. Thinking is human activity.

There is only one thing that surely and seemly motivates me for NOT getting out of bed: the cold mornings of February month. Sleeping and cold weather enough to move you into another bout to sleeping. Sometimes when my cat pet calls for me outside my bedroom door at six in the morning, i am motivated to get out of bed to feed it.

Interactions do not necessarily mean with people. It also is an animal commnucation and interaction. So many reasons to be morivated to begin the day in a happy mood, or in a peaceful mood. However when all sorts of motivations were performed and accomplished and you were still alive, we certainly ask ourselves: what else would motivate me to start the day? This is the trouble with a robotic mind. Because we were used to do the same thing everyday, once we lose interest, it would be difficult to rise out of bed in the morning. Inspirations also pushed us to move, a sort of desire to accomplish something for the day. If not, we look for motivations or inspiration. Not bad though. That idea is repeating and repeating…only.

I say we must be open to all possibilities. Even if we think and believed that we had exhausted all possibilities, we will not live longer if we have not used up the energies for those purposes assigned to us when we were born in this world. Each individual has a particular role we play which is the accomplishment of our development as human being. If you think you have accomplished all, the reason why you may seek for motivations to perform everyday routine, (a task we thought unaccomplished as yet,) but we seemed to be exhausted that we cannot get out of bed every morning…this is a clear indication of boredom.

So, when you reached that stage in your life, do not struggle to change your boredom. Why force yourself to get out of bed each morning when you were still activated by your existence? You can wait until your natural energy propels you to move and rise up from bed. Do not depend on motivations because somehow, your reason for fighting that boredom was exhausted, that you think you had lost your reasons for moving. That is not the case. Let that inspiration move within you. And you will discover that living was a new-found reason for getting out of bed each morning.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Physical exercise
Spend Time With Friends and Family
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