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Devadas Chelvam studied at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University and Fordham University to earn master’s degrees in Theology and Sociology. Born in Sri Lanka to a deeply religious family, he became a Catholic priest and was completely committed to the ministry and all the doctrines of the Church for the first five years.
Starting with the morality of birth control, he started questioning the doctrines of the Church. Four years later, he became an agnostic and then a materialistic unbeliever. Quite unexpected were the profound personal experiences that opened his mind and heart to spirituality in all religious traditions or without any religion.
Devadas worked for Child Protective Service in New York City for twenty years. He retired to do research and write the book ‘Living with Saints and Sages.’ It was revised later to appear as ‘Limitless Love, Truly We Are That.’. In order to reach more people, he changed its title to ‘From Fear to Limitless Love, Your Path to Finding Self-Worth, Harmony and Bliss.’
Devadas knows that all the people are on their own unique spiritual path, while being connected to everyone and everything, though often quite unaware about it. Currently he is working on a new book titled ‘We Are One Consciousness.’
He coauthored with Dr. Joe Vitale the bestselling book: ‘The Prosperity Factor.

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to be a writer?
I started my professional life as a Catholic priest in Sri Lanka. I fully believed in all of the doctrines of the church. Five years later I started having doubts. After struggling with these doubts I ended up in the opposite camp of being a materialistic non-believer. Utterly unexpected were the profound personal experiences that opened my heart to spirituality in all the religions. I wanted to share my new found insights with others. That motivated me to do further research and write this book.
Along the way of writing, did you experience any writer's block?
I had some misgivings about starting to write since I could easily become vain and proud as a writer. Hence I approached Amma, the famous hugging saint, and asked her about it. Amma encouraged me by saying that I should write. The writing came easily at the start. Three months later I could not proceed even though I tried hard. That was truly a writer's block. I told Amma about it. She laughed loud and hugged me twice more. Then I realized that it was her special blessing, and the writing proceeded smoothly afterwards.
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From Fear to Limitless Love
"This book vibrates with love and joy due the sages profiled here." says Jack Canfield, the New York Times No. 1 best-selling author..


From Fear to Limitless Love Your Path to Finding Self-Worth, Harmony and Bliss
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 79,690. Language: English. Published: February 10, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Inspirational
"This book vibrates with love and joy due to the sages profiled here.They remind us that we too are limitless love," says the best-selling author Jack Canfield. The sages manifest our essential nature as peace, love and joy. Reading about them can set our hearts on fire and encourage us to emulate their inspiring example.

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