David Heyman


David C. Heyman, a grandfather of seven, is concerned about today's children: They have no understanding of money and how much their families can spend. He wrote Money Grows on Trees! Economics for Teens to help educate and to give perspective to young people.

David grew up in Elmira, New York, where most of his friends came from low-income families. He and his friends earned their spending money by mowing lawns, shoveling snow, gardening, and delivering newspapers. Gifts were infrequent, but memorable: a tabletop AM radio, a ballpoint pin, a novel by Mark Twain, and a model-airplane kit. On one special occasion, his parents gave him an unexpected luxury: a new balloon-tire, one-speed bicycle. His formative experiences include Boy Scout summer camp, where he achieved Eagle Scout rank and was admitted to the Order of the Arrow.

Later, like most Americans, he found raising his four children both rewarding and stressful. His career as an anesthesiologist meant that he spent considerable time in hospitals and on call at night and on weekends. Because of that, he spent little time studying the essentials of economics; worse, he missed the opportunity to teach the essentials of money management to his own children.

After retiring from his medical practice, he took a renewed interest in economic principles. Economics, he discovered, has always been a “fuzzy” subject, with many competing theories about wealth or lack of it. He wished, belatedly, that he could have taught more to his children. He wrote "Money Grows on Trees" with the hope of involving today's children in learning what he would have told his own.

Moving forward, he now writes plays and short stories. "Neighbors" is the first, but soon a sequel, "Neighbors Two" will be released in addition to a collection of the stories.

He now lives in Montoursville, Pennsylvania and enjoys reading and participating in local cultural events. In his spare time, he writes realistic fiction and plays the piano.


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