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  • Tinsel Tales on Dec. 24, 2013

    I just finished reading Tinsel Tales and was really empressed with each story. Each of them were unique and so filled with the magic of the Christmas spirit. All of them were well written with strong story lines and a list of characters so wonderful you will wish they were friends. I look forward to rereading this again next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS see you next time.
  • Daksha the Medicine Girl on July 12, 2014

    Daksha, the Medicine Girl is a most unusual book. I have found that in reading books written by this author that she includes a message with every story. This message is quite obvious and one that I would hope that all children would receive with joy. Schooling no matter what grade is important and it was with happiness that I read how Daksha learned to adjust to a new community and life going to school. This was an excellent read and one that I hope will be of help to many young minds. What did I like? The resourcefulness of the doctor in showing Daksha what she would be able to do if she just put her mind to it. It was wonderful the way that the doctor showed her without pressuring what it would be like to learn the mysteries that ran through her mind. To go on and be successful is the goal of every teacher and student. What did I dislike? Nothing, this was written so that child and adult could enjoy. What will you like? Everything, a very well written and developed story line with vivid descriptions. Being so short, I felt that the author did a marvelous job in drawing the reader into the storyline. The message was there if the reader takes the time to absorb which I'm sure all will. It was fun without being frivolous and yet quite serious. I definitely recommend this for any parent or teacher but also for anyone of any age will enjoy it. Review of free book.