Kieron Dowling


Kieron was born in Dover, England to a British Army officer of the Royal Artillery.

Along with his two elder brothers, he was dragged off to Germany at the age of two, hoisted over to Hong Kong for a few years, taken back to England for a spell, shipped to Germany again and by the time he was eight had crossed the Channel a dozen times while attending a catholic boarding school in Ipswich. A score of moves later, and after a posting to Singapore, at the age of thirteen he ended up in Zambia.
That’s when the adventures began. After staggering through a chequered career in tea, tobacco, dairy, pig and chicken farming, he made for Cape Town. There, in pursuit of his lost love, he stowed away in the confessional box of a first-class London-bound P&O cruiser’s chapel. Three weeks later, he was escorted (handcuffed) off the boat to lick his wounds at Her Majesty’s pleasure. But he got out, tracked the girl down and married her. After then spending a period back in Central and Eastern Africa as lord of a tea plantation, a raging war of terror in Zambia had him high-tailing it back to England (with a son and a pair of daughters), there to fall from grace and become a Cowman, where dung was the operative word.
Some years later (after almost being murdered by rampaging burglars in his back garden), like a bat out of hell he fled Africa and landed in Perth,Western Australia.
Somehow, he ended up an award winning software designer and now divides his time between Brisbane and Rome, Italy where he writes his thrillers and bombs around in an old VW Kombi.

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