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Smashwords book reviews by Debbie Christiana

  • Cab's Lantern on Dec. 03, 2013

    Cab's Lantern by Jeff Russell is a thrilling underwater adventure with a splash of romance. I don't give away much of the plot in my reviews but I will tell you this: Cab Marin is the owner of Off-Shore Odyssey Diving Expeditions in the Caribbean. Business is slow so Cab is thrilled to take Ms. Vicki Jennings down to the coral reef to take measurements for the thesis she's writing. From their first dive, the story takes off. They make it to the coral reef but inside an old shipwreck they discover something much more interesting. Something so unusual, it defies logic. And it seems to be guarded by a sea creature they’ve never come across before. Determined to make sense of what they’ve seen, they begin to research and try to identify the shipwreck and the mystery behind the captain that went down with the ship. Soon, both Cab and Vicki are plunged into dangerous waters. The threat isn’t from the under the sea, but from others who want the glory and fame of such a discovery for themselves. Mr. Russell’s debut novel was fun, entertaining and filled with twists and turns. I’m excited to read Afterlight, the sequel to see what’s in store for Vicki and Cab next.
  • Tempting Fate on Nov. 10, 2014

    I'm a sucker for stories about soul mates and Tempting Fate by A.N. Busch didn't disappoint. It was a unique, clever and thought provoking read and not the typical soul mate love story. I don't do spoilers but the end had my mouth hanging open - and that's a good thing. The main characters, Westly and Abby meet in college and it's love at first sight. It ends in present time. I really enjoyed the sequence in which the story was written. It was a smooth and easy transition to each time period. Ms. Busch did a great job going from college to the present, and back to college via dreams, then to the here and now, thirteen years later. The story was sprinkled with a touch of magic, the supernatural, and humor, which I loved. The characters have hard life decisions to make and we angst with them over every choice they make. The characters are believable and make you care about them. All in all Tempting Fate is a well rounded and a great read.
  • Love on a Killer Cruise on Nov. 10, 2014

    Four and a half stars for Love on a Killer Cruise by A.N. Busch! I took one half star away because it took awhile for us to get on the cruise ship - but once we did, it became a suspenseful page turner until the end when the killer is revealed. It's our heroine, Sarah's birthday and she spends it in court finalizing her divorce. Thanks to her friends, she then has a series of disastrous blind dates - with one that was downright frightening. I understand why Ms. Busch needed to show us her dating journey with these men until the cruise because it shaped her in many ways. Sarah wins a singles cruise that her friends entered her in and decides to go. Soon after boarding, the bodies start piling up. It then becomes an edge of your seat, cat and mouse game to find the killer of young girls who look similar to Sarah. Could it be her new, handsome love interest Gabriel, who never seems to have an alibi, or someone from her past with a grudge, or one of the many other interesting characters aboard ship? You'll have to read it to find out. The story is full of twists and turns and the climax and ending is right on. If you like a good romance/mystery, then pick up Love on Killer Cruise.