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Debbie Farmer was born in San Francisco, California, but claims she is much too young to remember "The Summer of Love." She spent most of her life living in the Bay Area and graduated from Tennyson High School in Hayward in 1984. According to her mother, Debbie began her publishing career by writing the word "obseqky" in forest green crayon on the living room sofa.
However, Debbie claims her first major writing gig came when she was eleven years old, when she was given her own column in her sixth grade class's newspaper. There she dazzled the local literary scene (aka: the rest of the class) with her witty insights on baby hamsters and Shaun Cassidy.

Since then she has expanded her subject matter and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Shortly after graduating, she decided to do what many English majors do, especially ones who like to eat: go back to college and try again. In 1990 she received a California teaching credential and has, much to the surprise of everyone especially her students, taught elementary school for over 13 years.

Debbie launched her syndicated column Family Daze in 1996, after finding out that other people with children also got kicked out of nice restaurants.

Her first family humor columns were written before the age of the internet on notebook paper by hand. (OK, first lie. She really used an old Brother word processor, but you get the picture.) From once-a-month publication in the local Mother's Club newsletter, the columns moved to appearing bimonthly in the Oakley Gazette. Then, despite protests from Debbie�s immediate family members(who by this time were beginning to read them) they moved to appearing weekly in the Contra Costa Times, a paper with a much larger circulation.

After that, Debbie upgraded to a real computer, became rich and famous and took over the world. (Oh, all right. Second lie).

After self-syndicating Family Daze for a few years, Oasis Newsfeatures Syndicate picked up the column and it now reaches over 400,000 readers in over 40 newspapers.

In 1999 Family Daze won Honorable Mention in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists annual contest (for some reason beating hundreds of real columnists from all over the country.) In 2002, Debbie's column was instrumental in helping Pittsburgh Parent Magazine win a Gold metal in humor writing from the Parenting Publications of America.

Her publishing credits include: Reader's Digest, Family Fun Magazine, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Christian Parenting Today, Sunset Publications, Chicken Soup For The Mother's Soul II, Chicken Soup For The Gardener's Soul, Chocolate For A Woman's Courage, Life's A Stitch (with authors such as Erma Bombeck and Gloria Steinam) and in hundreds of parenting magazines in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. She also knows Johnny Depp. (Third and final lie.)

More information is available on her website:

She currently lives in California with her family, two inspirational children, several sea monkeys, and way too many cats.

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