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  • How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse on Aug. 14, 2012

    Words cannot express the level of appreciation I have for 'How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse.' I read it and then I listened to it again and again and again. It has sparked such a transformation. Understanding that even my problems were ok was life changing. The simple message that it is all ok is like a key releasing the shackles of responsibility. It feels like a gentle stream of wellness rather than the 'grade 5' river I was on before! Today when I was walking surrounded by swaying Banyan trees, graceful butterflies and iridescent dragonflies God spoke to my heart about the wisdom conveyed in this program. It was the most miraculous encounter, I felt I had ascended to a new dimension of higher frequency. He affirmed that all of life, all of nature is in perfect order. To be easy and gentle with myself and what I view as my problems. The eternal nature of life is constantly shifting, changing, dying and renewing and it is all ok. If you know the power of making peace with every aspect of your experience, if you could simply be ok with the fullness of your life the result would be ineffable. You would then understand the complete essence of me in every aspect of your life. I understand now that the suffering you feel is not the result of your problems, it is that you are so afraid that you are not ok, that the people you love are not ok, that the world is not ok. Know that through everything you have experienced in your life you have always been ok and you always will be. There is nothing to fix for it is all in divine order. I feel as if the author, Heather Macauley Noƫll, is an angel who brought me one of the greatest gifts. A gift when I was truly ready to hear it. Debbie Milam, Founder The Best You Can Be Foundation Pompano Beach, Florida