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  • Gnomes Too on May 14, 2013

    Gnomes Too is the sequel to Gnomes, and the start of story introduces the characters from the first book and their relationship to each other, so one doesn't have to read the first book to be aware of this, although I would recommend reading the delightful first book if you haven’t yet! As with the first book, Gnomes Too is set in modern times, but with beautiful descriptions of the old-worldly village where the story takes place. The main character of the human world is Michael who lives with his Uncle Tom and Aunt Molly. His friends in the gnome world are Nettles, Roxy, Fred & Gurn, although Gurn had become somewhat out of favour in the last book, Gnomes, but the situation changes as the goblins are once again battled! The story pops in and out of various scenarios which are amusing, interesting and keeps one in suspense. These scenarios weave together ‘bit-by-bit' to form a bigger picture which leads to the final scene which includes almost everybody! I won’t wrote anymore, read Gnomes Too for yourself to find out! Another enjoyable book and looking forward to a possible next!