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Deborah Hughes was a normal kid living a normal life until she moved into a haunted house at the age of seven. Suddenly she is sharing space with dead people and experiencing the bizarre world of the unknown, the uncanny and the wondrous. An over-active imagination did not, at first, serve her well for she feared what she did not understand. But then she learned to read and that led to books about supernatural and paranormal phenomena. The more she read, the more she learned and the more she realized how little she knew. This realization has led to a lifelong search for knowledge, truth and enlightenment. The writer in her is constantly inspired. From the age of eight she began to write the stories streaming like movies through her mind. She enjoys the process of their evolution from thought to completed book and hopes others will enjoy those books as much as she does.

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  • Bright Links Dark Links on Jan. 10, 2012

    This was a great read! The romance between Jeanie and Sam was sweet and became more compelling as the story progressed. I particularly loved learning about a new culture as I read the story - thought that aspect made this book even more enjoyable. The paranormal fear factor was pretty high and the story became edge-of-your-seat, nail biting suspense as it sped along to its conclusion. I don't usually read books that have blood and gore (not overly done here but the supernatural violence was rather gruesome for my usual tastes) but this story caught and held my attention to the very end. Personally I would classify this book as "horror" because of its spook factor involving a particularly evil entity but it's also a great paranormal/romance suspense story as well. No vamps and werewolves to be found but a girl who can see ghosts and a boyfriend determined to protect her at all costs! Loved it. Highly recommend it.