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I love to read, take long walks with my husband Tim, and spend time with our two daughters, Maya and Meayan. We moved to Canada ten years ago and love it here. Our thanks to all the writers who publish their work here on Smashwords. We live in a very remote part of Canada, and just about all our reading material comes from online searches. We are very great full to have found Smashwords!


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Smashwords book reviews by Deena Daily

  • The End Of Time on Jan. 03, 2012

    Glenn I really enjoyed this story, great twist at the end!
  • Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves on Nov. 30, 2012

    One of the best series EVER! I have now read this book through cover to cover for the third time, along with book two which I like even better than book one! I agree with some that the prologue is rather long and not very exciting, but, then again, it is setting you up some. Starting with the first chapter though, WOW! I could not put the book down. Elves, dwarves, witches, wizards, dragons, tons of adventure. that's my kind of story! The heavy use of italics really got to me in the beginning, but once I actually read the APPENDIX which you are told to read BEFORE reading the story, I understood why they were there. From that point on, I have to say, I love the italics. They really do give more emotion and feeling to the characters. Book two blew me away, and I had to come back here to give a review on book one. If you have not read this series, you are missing out. This series is a hot topic at both of my kids schools. I discovered the book through our book club, which gave these first two books FIVE STARS PLUS!!!
  • Amanda Ackers and The Thirteen Shards Of Legend on Aug. 11, 2014

    OMG! And I thought the first two books were outstanding! I love their writing. Lots of action that pulls you into the story and you can’t stop reading. The hours fly by before you know it. Love this series.