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  • Guarding Suzannah on April 22, 2011

    Suzannah works as a criminal defense attorney and let’s just say she won’t be receiving a lot of Christmas cards from the police force. Making mince meat out of their testimony is her specialty thus leading to her nick name “She-Rex”. Now that she has a creepy stalker escalating in his attempts to get to her she must force herself to trust a cop. THE cop that draws her eye whenever he is in the room, John Quigg. John as been borderline obsessed with Suzannah for two years. The first time encountering her in a court room has been forever branded in his mind. The opportunity has come for him to get one on one time with her as her personal body guard/faux boyfriend. However, when this case is closed John intends to be a real boyfriend and forever fixture in her life. Now he just has to convince her of that. This was a good storyline with some quick wit humor,which I love. I would have liked a bit more where the chemistry was concerned. Also, there were two secondary characters I would have enjoyed more involvement from, Ray and Grace. These two strong, and funny characters, when making an appearance, added a great deal to the story. They made John and Suzannah feel more relatable. As far as the climax or the who done it to the story, in my opinion was reached abruptly. I would have liked more detail about the big baddy and more information about the character. All in all I enjoyed this novella. I believe there is potential for this series and plan to continue.