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  • Blind Tasting on July 05, 2010
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    Blind Tasting is simply a great read! An admitted techno-phobe, I never expected to become enmeshed in the lives of these West Coast computer nerds who obsess about things of which I have no clue. But, who can resist Cory's charm and intelligence, Rob's integrity, Dawn's passion for science, or Julie's blending of wine and art??? The characters in this novel, rather than accentuate the differences between us and them, really highlight what is most meaningful about the human condition: work, love, friendship, the bond between animal and man, the simple pleasures of great food and great wine. It should be easy to achieve, but into this recipe for success, the author tosses in sexual jealousy, misunderstandings, missed opportunities, a mystery, sabotage, and criminal activity before resolving the plot. It's funny in parts, informational in parts, wonderfully descriptive in parts, but in the whole a very satisfying romp through the world of high tech and its brainy and very endearing "geeks."