Izzy Winchester


Where do monsters move?

In small places.

Izzy Winchester bites his nails too much, sleeps too little, and sometimes writes stuff. He goes more commonly by the name "Delcat", if you were wondering. His avatar and cover images are drawn by the amazingly talented Toastuh, whose amazing webcomic resides at http://attendance.comicgenesis.com/.

As for the rest, we'll just have to see.

Got a question for the author? Ask it at askshotgun.tumblr.com. Ask him anything! He's sad and lonely and has too much time on his hands. Clearly.

For another (exclusive!) free sample, check out Izzy's winning entry in Bogleech.com's Creepypasta Cookoff, They Go Deep (http://www.bogleech.com/creepy/creepy-theygodeep.html). Then go back to the main site and check out all the other neat stuff!

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