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My name is Jana and I founded "delighted photography school" because I am passionate about photography. I love it not because of the technical aspects but because of the indefinite creative possibilities it holds. I think that photography is an art form which gives everybody the opportunity to fully be themselves, express themselves, and be free of the bonds the everyday life wants to bind us with. Don't let everybody tell you that photography consists of shutter-times, apertures and light-meterings! No, it is more, far more.

This is the reason our ebooks engage in the emotional part of photography. We don't talk much about technology, only so much as we think to be necessary to understand what we want to show you. It is far more important to us to give room to creativity, to emotion, to soul. And we believe in sharing our passion: what is knowledge when it's not been shared? We want to help to improve your art. We want to give everybody who wants to know the opportunity to make not only nice photos but to create great photography with soul.

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