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Here’s the bla-bla-bla about moi-moi-moi. I live in France. Yup. Somebody has to suffer for Jesus so I volunteered. Took a flat down by the Mediterranean Sea and started writing. That’s about the only thing I really know how to do. Oh, I’ve started three churches and turned them over to somebody else and I’ve taught in Bible schools, organized all kinds of fun stuff like Gospel sing-alongs, rambunctious retreats, prayer journeys into the dark places and so on. But I always come back to writing.

Besides ‘best sellers’, (wait and see!) I write short stories about how Jesus actually changed somebody’s life. I get to interview people, hear their story and write it up as a drama for radio. It’s not my voice that records them because the French don’t want to hear my flat American accent, although they think it’s “sooo cute!”

Last month I sent 315 CDs, four stories per CD, to 105 radio stations. That’s a three month supply of stories, or 1,260 of them. The stations tell me that each story brings two or three phone calls from people wanting Jesus to help them like He helped the character they just heard about in a story. The radio personnel then lead them into the new birth.

If we take a conservative figure, and let’s say only one out of those two or three calls actually produces new birth, and without considering that most stations play the stories two to seven times a week, that means in three months time 1,260 people are born again from a radio story. That’s 5,040 people added to the Kingdom each year, conservatively speaking.

Each story costs $300 to produce, that’s $15,600 a year, or $3.10 per new birth. When someone sends in $300 I put their name and city at the end of a story: “This program has been brought to you by [their name] in [their city]” Hey! We reach the world this way! As one Pastor said, “That’s a lot of bang for your buck!” Are you with me, World Conquerors?

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