Dennis Durant


A small insight into my past.
I left school before turning sixteen and considered myself uneducated in the fundamentals of any given branch of learning. From the tedious days of labouring, operating machinery, rigging, handling explosives or truck driving, and with a lot of doubt and disbelief in my own abilities, at the age of thirty four I initiated a self-willed change, not for self-aggrandisement, but for personal satisfaction by firstly completing the requirements for matriculation before advancing into further studies. I gained mature age entry into University and completed a variety of degrees. Those being; ‘Bachelor of Arts’: ‘Graduate Diploma of Education’: a ‘Master of Education’: ‘Diploma of Applied Science’: ‘Diploma in Occupational health & Safety’: and accreditations in ‘Workplace Training’ and ‘Justice of the Peace’.
How I got into writing.
In my late teens and through to my early twenties, I jotted notes on the pages of a ‘Jumbo’ writing pad about my childhood memories, it was thought lost but stored unintentionally amongst other paraphernalia only to be discovered in my mid fifties. So after years of arduous but enjoyable learning at university, when I was scavenging through junk I stumbled across those lost notes and decided to try my hand at writing. They read easily but with childish expression due to poor scholastic abilities at the time of penning, but the work proved invaluable in providing a basis for which my first book “Fictitious Facts I ‘Cultivation of a Murderer’,” took composition.
The story is based around my childhood and takes entwined liberties by using facts and fiction to provide you, the reader, with an enjoyable version of Don Scotsdon’s development into adulthood. As a lad he and his family emigrated from England to an isolated community in Australia. It was a place far removed from the social processes of urbanization and could be said to take part blame for impeding the personal development of local residents. Life in the bush had its pleasures and gratifications, but his friends, and maybe he, suffered from a variety of personality and psychological disorders as a consequence of this setting. Consequently those friends induced a committal of ungodly evil upon a girl he knew. Don’s belief throughout life that cruelty was sinful put him in a quandary; walk away or avenge her murder? The only answer was revenge. Along the way he encountered many challenges as he took it upon himself to seek retribution; he became judge and jury. The circumstances and events provided cause for a series of felonious executions, leaving his mind in a lonesome world giving rise of chance to a future of doom.

Books to follow in the life of Don Scotsdon are;
“Fictitious Facts II ‘Patsy to Espionage’.” An unselfish act produced an outcome thrusting him into the role of a fugitive. While searching for answers events beyond his control caused a confrontation with the head of a crime syndicate. The price of life was the undisputable cooperation and utilization of his services. He and a friend were coerced as operatives into a world of crime, murder and espionage, and sent on missions in places such as; Australia, Russia and China.
“Fictitious Facts III ‘Equanimity’.”
Don Scotsdon and his lovable cohort Sally Rob set out on missions engaging in clandestine operations and assassinations. They travel to countries such as Malaysia and Russia and get involved in drug related activities, terrorist plots, jewel heists and confrontations with old nemesis and new adversaries.

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