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  • The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings on March 03, 2012

    This is seriously a great read if you are even just slightly interested in horse racing at any level. I applaud Glenn Thompson for his absolute candid account from a trainer's perspective, especially in an environment where bucking the current trend is not seen in the most favorable light. I entered the game blind to the behind the scenes action and let myself follow along making decisions that were done not because I agreed with them, but because that's what I thought I needed to do to be like everyone else. Sport of Kings, has re-energized my passion to do racing on my terms, what makes my horses and myself feel good at the end of the day. I'm done relying on the vets toolbox to 'fix' what I thought I was missing. Not to mention I like to handicap on the side and if I were a serious bettor I'd be mad as hell and demand more uniformity in racing rules.