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  • Porn Can Be Fun on Nov. 04, 2010

    A short fun story about a barely legal couple watching porno together for the first time. Since he works in his buddy's video shop, he lets him take a few pornos each weekend. Every time he watches them alone. But this time it's different, he convinces his girlfriend to watch it with him. A new experience for her that she totally enjoyed! Has some explicit scenes :)
  • Thaw and Serve on Nov. 04, 2010

    Mal Spencer is caught up in a hold-up in a convenience store. While laying face down on the Breast-O-Turkey he bought himself to celebrate his solitary holiday, the store clerk is trying reasoning with the gunman. He realizes the store clerk looks familiar, then discovers the boy knows him all too well. Fun, sweet and entertaining!! Contains some suggestive stuff :)
  • Vampire Tanning on Nov. 29, 2010

    A tanning salon in Beverly Hills is attracting vampires to give them the tan of their lives. With the owner Gabby that is a surprise all by herself. When a vampire comes in to look for his cousin, the fun is about to begin. I enjoyed this book very much and wished it was longer. I'm sure to check other books by this author. The writing was fantastic and the story held good suspense. What I disliked was the cover art of the book! I couldn't help it I had to say something :)
  • Joy Ride on Nov. 29, 2010

    Brad has been flirting with Mack for a while, but Mack isn't taking it seriously. When one day he talks him into a race, Mack gets the chance know how serious Brad really is, when they reach a secluded path and the fun starts :) A nice short fun ride that is very enjoyable :)
  • Happy New Year on Nov. 29, 2010

    It seems misfortune is with this couple all through the year.. so they are hoping that they would start this new year with a new start. Misfortunes seem to follow them around everywhere they go even while meeting with some other hot guys :)
  • The Boss's Terms on Dec. 04, 2010

    Ruth is about to discover the other side of her boss, Mr. Hastings. When a letter she wrote goes wrong he calls her in to discuss what to do with her since her first annual evaluation is due. The story was good and so was the writing, the ending was a unexpected shock. I didn't particularly like the end. This was a first time author for me but I would like to check other publications since I enjoyed the writing style.