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I am an Englishman stranded, by choice, in France for many a long year. I eat, drink, write, design, occasionally paint and even more occasionally carry out household improvements. I enjoy most things stimulating, with the total exception of rap music which I detest. I feel one should detest something to exhibit some form of intellectual maturity, so there you go. I am beginning to grow up because I listen to jazz from time to time and am totally unimpressed with a lot of popular music since the 1990′s.

I also find that I see a lot of popular modern art for what it is, that needs no amplification. I dabble in local politics, mainly because it is so completely different from my native culture, naturally I leave not one hint of an effect.

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Futile Deceptions - Book 1 of Basil Ackroyd's France
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 96,600. Language: British English. Published: August 1, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
The humerous saga of a gloriously Machiavellian English refugee from a financial scandal who is mayor of a small town in the French Midi.

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  • Goliath Gets Up on Nov. 26, 2015
    (no rating)
    I imagine the world is full of men around their forties who worry that they have not turned out to be as exceptional as their mothers convinced them they were. The hero, David Horvath, in Starbuck O'Dwyer's comic tour de force Goliath Gets Up, is such a man. The loss of his true love to a sneering yogi and his job as cabbage slicer in a chinese kitchen, together with the realisation that he has nothing except a very old car and free lodgings with his grandmother, brings him to this awareness. Having a limited and somewhat illogical sense of reason he comes to the conclusion that he is a reincarnation of a dragon and as such he is capable of exceptional things if he is determined. This is not a fantasy tale, he really believes it and together with a band of equally dysfunctional characters he sets out to achieve greatness by defeating the corrupt plans of the diabolic, foul mouthed, power crazy eighty seven year old nymphomaniac Mayor of Rochester, who seeks to create a gigantic gambling and vice complex in the most protected natural quarter of the town. Such is the skill of Starbuck O'Dwyer's writing that you find yourself willing them to succeed, despite the obvious drawback of them all being certifiable losers. Every character is a gem in this book, their dialogue pushes the story along at a breath-taking pace. The politics are so completely unacceptably and the idealism improbable as it comes too quickly to a conclusion, which I have to say I had expected to be less predictable. But that in no ways detracts from this first class read.
  • Arlo's Epiphany on Nov. 27, 2015
    (no rating)
    When secret agent Arlo is subjected to a gratuitous attack from an unscrupulous well-known thug his career is thrown into question having sustained injuries in an non operational encounter. Whilst his self-confidence is severely damaged, to the extent he seriously considers withdrawing from the secrat service, his fellow agents plan a revenge on his adversary. In a series of claw biting actions they execute a coordinated action to inflict retribution and humiliation on the dastardly animal. This is a tail gripping story that makes the fur stand on end and finishes in a suitably crushing, fur flying.....but I will not spoil it for you. You must read this book.