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I'm a native Floridian, retired from the US Army, and now living in NC. I have also worked in Fed. civil service and construction. I have worked as an insurance agent, security guard, service station attendant, and soda jerk.I love writing, reading, most kinds of music, and animals--especially dogs.

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Price: $2.35 USD. Words: 15,130. Language: English. Published: April 28, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » General
This is about Anoki, a young Taino boy who grows up in Boriken (Pre Columbian PuertoRico). He learns the ways of the Taino. He experiences raids by the fierce Carib warriors. He sees the arrival af the Spaniards. He and his bride-to-be endure many hardships and dangers.
Why I am Not an Athiest
Price: Free! Words: 2,910. Language: English. Published: October 16, 2014. Categories: Essay » Sociology
This book explains why the author chooses not to be an Atheist.
Naked Ladies, Space Aliens, and Rattlesnakes
Price: $1.35 USD. Words: 4,520. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General, Essay » Sociology
Contains three humorous short stories and an article. Stories are: "The Rattlesnake," "Screwnose," and "Shag and the Quirplian." The article is titled "Do Naked Ladies Turn Men On?
Marxism and Political Correctness
Price: Free! Words: 14,190. Language: English. Published: September 25, 2013. Categories: Essay » Political
An account of how political correctness is eroding our freedom and destroying our way of life in America, and what we can do about it.
Frankenstein and the Zombies
Price: $1.69 USD. Words: 17,380. Language: English. Published: July 14, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead
Here are two stories: a novelette, Frankenstein and the Zombies, and a short story, The Walking Corpse. The monster falls into the hands of a voodoo priest, who plots to create an army of zombies to conquer the world. He plans to revive and use the monster with voodoo sorcery in his plot. A young man and his girlfriend discover the plot, and are in grave danger. Also a short zombie story.
Vietnam: Reflections of an Interrogator
Price: $1.35 USD. Words: 10,940. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Military
The Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a GI who served as a translator/interrogator with Psychological Operations while in Vietnam during the war. The book tells of his experiences and his thoughts on the war.
Our Canine Companions: Featuring Whiskers
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 29,630. Language: English. Published: December 8, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
Contains three exciting, adventurous short stories and one thrilling novella, "Whiskers," plus true accounts of heroic deeds and lots of fascinating facts about dogs.
Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan Story - Plus Taino
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 38,380. Language: English. Published: December 7, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Colonial America, Fiction » Adventure » General
Contains two historical Novellas, "The Minorcans of Florida" and "Taino." The first is based on an ill-fated British colony in Florida in the 18th century and its Minorcan slaves. The second is based on the people who met Columbus, the hardships and dangers they faced before, during, and after the arrival of Columbus.
Price: $1.35 USD. Words: 10,660. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
The book contains three stories, Intruder, Engine Trouble, and The Hands of Fate. In Intruder, a woman is home alone as her husband is on a business trip. A dangerous escaped convict breaks into the house. In Engine Trouble, a woman's car breaks down on a lonely stretch of road where she meets a serial killer. In Hands of Fate a driver runs over a fox. The fox has its revenge in spades.
Three Amazing Tales
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 39,190. Language: English. Published: August 11, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Fantasy » General
Contains three novellas. The Magical Earth, a scifi/fantasy, Project Genesis, a post-apocalyptic scifi, and The soul Hunters, an occult/horror tale. All three tales are filled with adventure, action, suspense, thrills, and romance.
The Soul Hunters
Price: $1.35 USD. Words: 13,810. Language: English. Published: June 8, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Occult, Fiction » Horror » Crime
There are two stories, a novelette, "The Soul Hunters," and a short story, "Secrets of a Psycho." The Soul Hunters is about a man who dies and goes to "the other side." The other side is nothing like he imagined, and it is a very dangerous place. He finds that he must be constantly on the alert for and avoid The Soul Hunters. Secrets of a Psycho, is about a deranged serial killer.
Price: $2.35 USD. Words: 14,540. Language: English. Published: May 10, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure, Fiction » Romance » Historical
This is the story of Migua, a young Taino Indian and Surani, his sweetheart. It tells of the dangers and hardships they endured before, during, and after the arrival of Columbus. It is also of the affair between a young Spanish sailor and a Taino girl and how their lives intertwined with that of Migua and Surani.
Tales of Suspense and Mystery
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 23,190. Language: English. Published: July 26, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
Ten tales calculated to keep the reader in suspense. Raw Deal. Engine Trouble. The Doll Makers. The Practical Joke. The Blizzard. Intruder. The Diamond Ring. The Weed. No Place to Hide. Secrets of a Psycho The tales are a mixed bag, but all have the common thread of suspense. There are thrillers, mysteries, scifi, fantasy, and horror, all with loads of perilous situations and taut suspense.
Terrific Tales of Scifi and Space Opera
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 29,950. Language: English. Published: June 19, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
Nine sci-fi stories of space opera, adventure, romance, and humor. None of the stories are intended to be hard sci-fi, though some readers may consider a few to be moderately so.
Tales of Wonder
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 35,600. Language: English. Published: June 15, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Eight fantasy tales take the reader to worlds of enchantment, adventure, action, suspense, romance, and a bit of humor. There are wizards, elves, aliens, strange beasts, alternate worlds, death curses, and sorceresses. Here is a book that will let the reader escape drab reality for a while.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 27,780. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror
Eleven nightmarish tales calculated to send chills up your spine. Tales include zombies, werewolves,vampires, evil witches, voodoo, malevolent ghosts, and supernatural monsters.
Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan Story
Price: $2.35 USD. Words: 23,390. Language: English. Published: June 7, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Historical » General, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Historical
The Minorcans of Florida is a story of white slavery, based on the Minorcan slaves at the British colony established at New Smyrna, Florida from 1763 to 1783. The story centers around 15 year old Miguel Ortegas, who is orphaned when his father dies on board ship during the trip from Minorca to Florida. He and the girl he loves endure many hardships and dangers.
The Psionic Man
Price: $1.98 USD. Words: 36,890. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Al Rice awakens one morning and is astonished to find himself healed of hemophilia and is no longer HIV positive. He also finds he has powerful psychic capabilities. In trying to learn how all this happened, he is shocked at what he finds. The more he learns, the deeper he gets into an extremely perilous situation. Further, he learns that even Earth itself may be in peril.
The Werewolf of Misty Valley Plus Frankenstein and the Zombies
Price: $1.35 USD. Words: 24,700. Language: English. Published: May 6, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Science fiction » General
Revised 04-24-13 Contains two stories: In the title story, "Werewolf of Misty Valley", A young woman is terrified as she has reason to believe that her husband has been bitten by a werewolf and is himself becoming one. In Frankenstein and the Zombies, an evil voodoo doctor stumbles on the Frankenstein monster and revives it with voodoo.
Price: $1.75 USD. Words: 15,810. Language: English. Published: April 18, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
A small dog (Whiskers) is abandoned on the city streets. He is picked up by animal control, and then rescued by a retired couple. After a period of bonding with the couple, Whiskers is separated from them during an auto accident. He wanders away from the accident in a state of shock. Through a series of events, he ends up 2,000 miles from home. Thus begins his exciting and dangerous odyssey.

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  • The Dead Celebrity Space Corps on Sep. 07, 2012

    I found this to be an enjoyable read, which gave me more than a few good chuckles. Not only entertaining, but also informative (I've always wondered what happened to those celebrities who went before their time.) Imaginative and well written.
  • Welcome To New York on Sep. 07, 2012

    I'm a bit of a sucker for "abandoned Earth" stories. I found this one a good read. The plot is original, and could be the basis for a longer story, a novella or maybe even a novel. Aside from a couple of typos, it's very well written.
  • Ronnie and Me on Sep. 09, 2012

    A nice little human interest story (or should that be equine interest?) As an animal lover, I found it interesting I could identify with Al, as I see my self a little like him. Very well written, but why the sudden change in point of view, from first person to third person, in the update? In my opinion, it should have remained first person. All in all, though, a very good read.
  • Awake on Sep. 10, 2012

    The story held me until the end, but when I reached the end I was somewhat disappointed. This story very much reminded me of some of A E van Vogt's science fiction works. I kind of expected Jack to be influenced by an alien or some sort of supernatural being. But all things considered, I'd rate it as a well written and gripping story.
  • Straight on Sep. 11, 2012

    Great imagery; I could visualize all the scenes. Having written a story where a dog was the main protag, I could identify with a horse as first person (or should that be first equine?) When I reached the end, my first thought was that the story went nowhere, and the reader was left dangling. But then I saw the story. As I saw it the cowboy, after being jilted, went off the deep end, and set out to show his ex lover what a great guy she had lost. But even a deranged mind would realize that roping in the sun was a preposterous idea. Subconsciously, he was he was just determined to do himself in to "show" her. Well, anyhow that's how I saw it. It was an entertaining read.
  • For Whom the Tinker Toils on Sep. 16, 2012

    Nice short story, well told and well written. We have a backward 18th century village in a far future world, where there are wondrous inventions and machines. It would have been better, I think, if the reader was given an explanation as to why such a village existed in the far future. But the story moved at a good pace with enough action and adventure to hold the reader's interest.