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Andrea Johnson was born in Coventry, the West Midlands of England in 1966. After obtaining 8 A levels, all of which awarded Grade A and above she left Coventry Central College of Arts and Humanities gaining a place at The Castle University, Warwick.

Andrea obtained a first class Honour’s Degree in ‘Public Service and Citizenship,’ upon completion then transferring onto The Castle University ‘MBA - Business Administration’ Master’s programme. With first class distinction she then took employment with the West Midlands Police as a ‘fast-track graduate officer.’ By the age of 36 years she had achieved the status of Detective Inspector. Notably the youngest female D.I in the history of the force. In 2007 she joined Merseyside Police, Liverpool.

Following her lead involvement within the biggest man hunt still known today, the investigations into the crimes of ‘The Gabriel Sect’ and the subsequent publication of the infamous ‘Meat – Memoirs of A psychopath (Dr Cerys Davies. 2013)’ her position as Detective Inspector became untenable. Following a legal battle and ‘out of court settlement,’ Andrea Johnson reluctantly resigned her post.

Andrea continues her passion for writing today. On a “point of principle” she maintains the professional title of ‘D.I. Andrea Johnson,’ her real name as presented on all publications.
Brittunculi Records & Books are delighted to continue to work with her.

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