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  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 3 ~ Fyryx on May 27, 2014

    A great character study - This episode takes an intriguing look into the mind of Fyryx, the leader of the lost tribe of people in these stories. I really liked the flashbacks into his youth and the history of this colorful world. Looks like there's a lot more to come for this conflicted character.
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 4 ~ The Letting Pen on May 27, 2014

    All about the heroes - In this ebook, the author starts to flesh out the three heroes introduced in the intro episodes of the series: the strong and silent John Cap, the very funny Morio, and mystery girl Vaam. I enjoyed spending time with them all. They seem to be shaping up as a classic epic trio.
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 5 ~ Into the Pit on May 27, 2014

    Comic twists - There's a lot of action in this fun little episode, almost to the point of slapstick. The three heroes (John Cap, Morio, and Vaam) end up in a perilous situation, but there are comic twists at every turn to keep you guessing - and laughing! I really love where this series is going.
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episodes 1 & 2 ~ A Door to the Lore on May 27, 2014

    A classic in the making - What a promising start to this fresh, new fantasy-fiction series! The language really sets these stories apart; it's a mix of farce and heroic talk told in an often poetic way. The characters are colorful and memorable. Pretty sweet for a free ebook!
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 6 ~ Meeting Minyon on June 25, 2014

    A big production number -- This episode unfolds like a Cecil B. DeMille film with a big cast on a big stage. Good action and plot development, with some familiar characters and quite a few fresh ones weaving their way through it. Fascinating and lots of fun. I'm going to read it again...
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 7 ~ Ho-man Holds Court on Nov. 03, 2014

    I'm really happy to see this series keep growing. Been following from early on and it's gotten richer with every episode. This one's no exception - for sure with characters like Ho-man and friends. Keep 'em coming!
  • Lore of the Underlings: Episode 8 ~ The Trial on Aug. 07, 2015

    I just finished Lore of the Underlings Episode 8. This is classic literary entertainment. Poetic, witty writing. Well worth your time if you love word play and smart, snappy dialog. Two thumbs up.