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  • Pieces on Nov. 23, 2009

    One part mystery and one part romance—with a sprinkling of horror—in Pieces, from new author Julia Dudek. Angelique, the beautiful medical student with a photographic memory, goes to deadly lengths to remember the man who killed her best friend after she awakens in the hospital and realizes the identity of the murderer is inexplicably missing from her mind, even though she witnessed the entire event. Discovering that being in danger uncovers a piece of the memory, the desperate protagonist goes to great lengths—and develops a weapon unlike any other I’ve come across in literature—that ensures she’ll survive long enough to finish the puzzle. Falling in love with the detective assigned to both her best friend’s case, and the bizarre new “serial killer” wreaking havoc in Harlem, makes for a gripping and suspenseful story, and I found I couldn’t put the “Kindle” down. Dudek’s use of technical knowledge paints a vivid picture, the characters are relatable and deep, and the writing is fluent and moving, making you feel like you are actually looking through the eyes of the protagonist, who teeters on the edge of losing herself to her vengeance, with only the man she loves to pull her back. Everything a great suspense novel—and even a romance novel—should be and more! Five stars for the new author and I’ll be looking forward to the sequel!