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Direidi Publishing assists authors in self-publishing their content in an E-book format or print-on-demand. Using the author's provided artwork and the final edited version of the story, Direidi Publishing provides layout servers to comply with the style requirements for publishing and distribution.

Our mission is to become a major E-book publishing company. We will accomplish this by working with authors and educating them on the benefits on publishing an E-book. We will also assist authors who have a following and for whatever reason their books are not being accepted by mainstream print publishing houses. One such online author has a story which has been read by over a 2.5 (two and a half) million online readers. We will also give worthy new authors a break by publishing their stories in E-book format.

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Shades of Gray: The Power in the Blood
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 166,430. Language: English. Published: March 4, 2015 by Direidi Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
In 1989, West Fork was a sleepy Alabama town Kurt Rodgers longed to escape. Now, he finds himself back home, disillusioned. That same night, the murders begin. Nightly, the body count rises, victims drained of blood. A reporter for the local newspaper, Kurt delves into the killings. But this story will hit closer than he could have ever imagined. His sister Teri has fallen for a stranger.
I Won A Spaceship
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 194,930. Language: English. Published: March 19, 2011 by Direidi Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Sci-Fi Erotica
I was astounded to discover I’d won a spaceship in the Grand Galactic Lottery. I don’t do lotteries. Of course, nothing is easy but I didn’t realise how complicated it would be until I arrived on Geretimal, the capital of the Capellan Theocracy. There I encountered corruption, greed and personal danger. I also found love, friendship… and tragedy. Was a spaceship really worth it?

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