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  • Flesh Traders on July 25, 2012

    Just finished this book and IMMEDIATELY downloaded the first 2 in the series. Thoroughly enjoyed the plot; the characters; the flow of the story; the uniqueness that is Australia. I was so caught up in the book that when I came up for air I'd read the entire night through!
  • The Keepers of the Rose on Aug. 29, 2012

    Loved this book! Interesting take on competitive folks looking for a treasure - is "treasure" money or something more important to the human soul?
  • The Caves of Etretat: Part One of Four on Sep. 06, 2012

    In my opinion – as a voracious reader (3/4 books each week) - this first book in author Matt Chatelain’s 4 book Sirenne Saga - The Caves of Etretat - compares VERY favorably with the style of writing, pacing, character and story development and plot complexity with books written by popular authors such as Jeffery Deaver, James Rollins, Gayle Lynds, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. This complex, thought provoking, conspiracy action/adventure story sets the stage for the whole saga. This first book in this epic series tells the story of Paul Sirenne – an average Canadian Bookstore owner in his mid-thirties who considers himself an armchair puzzle and mystery solver. An only child, Paul has grown up in a magical environment wherein his father continually developed increasingly more complex riddles and search problems for Paul to solve. When the book opens, Paul learns that his father and his father’s wife had just been murdered, and that their bodies had been mutilated into forming the letters H. N.. A note sent by Paul’s father to him just before the murders sends Paul to the little town of Etretat, France. And so begins this epic quest by Paul and 4 very close friends. The author has done an amazing job of weaving historical events into this book such that it had me wondering about whether or not the book’s version of history wasn’t more accurate than my previous perception! When I finished this book I was filled with 2 major thoughts: 1) YES, history is being re-written like it really could have been; and 2) how soon could I download and read book #2 in the series. When checking out the author’s website, he admits that he purposely made the first 2 books in the series for free so that readers who liked his writing style and the story line would rush to read books #3 and #4. Count me in; I also invite you to come back and see my reviews of these books too.
  • The Four Books of Etretat: Part Two of Four on Sep. 08, 2012

    1. Action, adventure, suspense, intrigue, mystery – and all that’s just within the first few pages of author Matt Chatelain’s book The Four Books of Etretat, the 2nd book in the Sirenne Saga. While the action and adventure continue in this book, we also learn that Paul Sirenne – the primary character in this Saga – has been manipulated his entire life so that he would be prepared with the mental acuity needed to think on his feet; to solve puzzles quickly; to find the optimum solution to a situation that contains potentially many outcomes. They also discover that the overarching puzzle that he and his friends are working to solve spans many generations – possibly many thousands of years in the making. They also find that while Paul is the designated “leader”, at least 3 generations of each family living in the town of Etretat have also been involved – to one degree or another – in the mystery. We – the readers – begin to suffer with Paul and his friends multiple struggles as their journey continues. The characters begin to struggle with the dichotomies of good vs evil; right vs wrong; perception vs reality; sacrificing the desires of one’s self for the benefit of many; accepted history vs newly discovered history; short term actions vs long term consequences – just to mention some of the ideas contained within the book. Paul and friends are assisted along the way by many and hindered along the way by many more. All the while Paul is called upon to use the particular strengths of each one of his friends to help solve each part of the puzzle that is presented to them at any given time. I can’t wait to read book #3 and see what happens to Paul and friends next. Hope that you are enjoying these books as much as I am.