I love to read.
My genre is sci-fy/fantasy with dwarfs, elves, dragons, like Jordan, Dondaldson, Brooks, Douglass, Weis, Mickey Zucker Rechert, Modesitt, Jr., Marillier, Lang, etc. write. (I do not like the outer space fantasies though.)

The newest author I like is M. Edward McNally.


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Smashwords book reviews by Betsey

  • The Sable City on Nov. 04, 2011

    5 STARS to the author. I was intrigued from page one all the way through the book. The author held my attention and curiosity as to what was going to happen next. I loved the characters and had mental pictures of frogs, bullywogs and other make believe characters talking and interacting like humans. This book is a typical good vs. evil plot but with the imagination of the author his characters are interesting, funny and lovable. I did find one point not answered for me, but hopefully in the next book which I am anxious to read. I recommend reading it if you are a fantasy fan!
  • Death of a Kingdom on Dec. 07, 2011

    Having read The Sable City I was ready for part two of the story with this group of characters. While two went their separate ways, the remaining of the group followed Cladja on her quest to save her people. This involved approval of the Emperor to join and adhere to the Code. After accepting this request the Emperor sends troops to the Duchy to assist with the transition and to avoid the King from retaliating against this desertion from his rule. Battles ensue between the King and the Emperors troops. Very detailed battle scenes and history of the countries involved. This makes it feel more real than fantasy to me. I will be reading book three to find out what happens next and where John and the Blue Dragon's favorite end up in the remainder of this trilogy.