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  • Nightmares From Eberus - A Speculative Fiction Collection on Sep. 12, 2010

    Nightmares From Eberus: A Speculative Fiction Collection by JC De La Torre is a wonderful collection of stories that spark multi-level emotions and further imaginings. The author provides a fair range of genres in this collection, horror, sci-fi, paranormal, speculative etc. did find myself wanting to know more about a number of characters throughout this collection, asking, ‘what could have been?’ or thinking ,this could have been a great novella or novel if the premise had been further developed’. As I read a great deal of horror and sci-fi, I found myself wanting more stories like the creepy ‘Serial’, ‘Gator Country’ and ‘Shockers’, my favorites here. ‘Lucifer's Lament’ will most assuredly provoke some level of outrage in those that would deem it near blasphemy, however, for those that can appreciate the author’s take on the story line and can, for a short time at least, think outside the religious ‘box’, it should spark the reader to at least get a chuckle at some of the ideas and views that truly push at, or explode past the ‘box’ edges. The other stories fall somewhere in the middle. Overall, worth the read and I for one am looking forward to more from De La Torre.