Smashwords book reviews by djfree

  • An Unsuitable Occupation for a Lady on Aug. 21, 2013

    Loved this story! It had all the elements I love- strong male and female leads, interesting plot development of two spy's on a mission for their government, and a 'happily-ever-after'. I don't feel that Chiara's denying wanting to get married and then changing her mind was disjointed after finding out why she originally felt that way, and then meeting her first true love. It made perfect sense to me. To tell you the truth- I'm writing this after re-reading it! Yes, it's true. I opened it and after realizing I'd already read it before- kept reading it. It was that good. The only reason I'm on this site is because I was looking to see if she wrote any more books about the secondary characters, or if she had a website listed so I could write and ask her. And I love the historical facts in the end too. It only made it seem a much more real possibility- even though I realize she must have taken some poetic license with it. This is truly a good story for Historical Romance readers!
  • Restless Spirits on Jan. 08, 2015

    Another Winner of Jodan L Hawk's! When I read the Whyborne & Griffin series, I thought- historical, paranormal, mm. But all the way through this book I thought mm Steampunk. And I don't consider Native American interracial, but I suppose some do. All that said- this was a suspenseful, thrilling paranormal fantasy, story that could've been now or in the past. It was almost like an alternative universe. Similar but different. There's only one sex scene, but it was loving and beautiful, and you truly don't miss there not being more. You're thrilled and cheering for Henry and Vincent at the end, which says it all. Great beginning to what I hope is another great series. Yay! ;D
  • Maelstrom on Jan. 07, 2016

    Another great suspense in this fantastical series by Jordan L Hawk. 4 stars because as complex as these stories are- it's getting harder and harder to remember mentioned past tidbits, without going back and reviewing. Also Whyborne & Griffin's established roles as submissive but strong, and dominant but vulnerable respectively, were waffling greatly in this particular installment, which left me unsettled. Despite this, I can't wait for the next story.
  • Fallow on Aug. 08, 2016

    I can't believe how much I LOVE THIS AUTHOR AND THIS SERIES! In this book, I believe, Griffin gets the final closure with his childhood. In one of the other books he got to find and get to know his long-lost biological brother(s?)- but now he finally can let go of his guilt with how he left his adopted parents and home, and can truly embrace being with, and loving Whyborne and living in Widdershins. It's definitely an "A-H-H-H-H-H" ending. Unfortunately, his relationship with his adopted mother doesn't end as well. "Fallow" kept me with bated breath all the way through, and I could visualize every crazy thing thing that happened. If you like gay, historical, paranormal stories, with lots of action and adventure- this book is definitely for you! And check out JLH's Hexworld too! I can't wait for the next in these series!