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I was born and raised in Warren Michigan. I have lived in many areas all over the state of Michigan. Back in the 1980'sI lived out in Garden Grove, California for about six months and in 2009 I moved to Florida where I currently resides.

I started writing in elementary school around the age of twelve.
I had no idea, during those early years, how
much I would come to rely on my poetry as a release for my emotions, struggles, triumphs and everyday thoughts.

All through the early years of my life, I was never allowed to do the things that normal children did. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of seven. All of my life I was repeatedly told I couldn't do things and in fact would probably never amount to anything.

None of my early poetry was ever published or seen by anyone. They were all tragically lost in a flood in 2000 where I lived at in Flint Michigan, except for one. The biggest loss was a poem I had written about my mother. Sadly my mother died when I was only six years old.

I never had the chance to get to know my mother and it took me awhile after the flood to start writing again. I found a place from within myself to start writing again and in October of 2000 on my birthday I wrote "Keep Looking".

In 2007 I joined the Opera community.
Once again I found the inspiration to start writing my poetry again. Between blogging and finding images on the internet, I found lots of creativity, imagination and most of all the aspiring inspiration for writing poems and the encouragement from the Opera community.

The first form of publishing my poems was on my Opera blog back in 2009. Though I only received a few comments I believe at one time or another many people have read my poetry.

In 2009 I had a major event take place in my life as well. I took my very first steps to being totally free and independent from family members, their negative talk and constant put downs.

It started in early 2008 when I met Jaxs on the Opera blog. By the end of March I found myself on a Greyhound bus heading south to Florida where Jaxs lived. Leaving my home in Michigan behind along with all the people who had nothing but negative things to say to or about me. When asked, I will tell you that "Jaxs was a Godsend to me"

With the help of Jaxs, I hve been able to reach out, venture out, come out of my shell, and uncork everything that I have had bottled up within me for so many years.

The biggest triumph of all is I Survived because of my poetry. Surviving and venturing out has led me to publish my first book of poetry
"The Thoughts of an Image Writer".

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The Thoughts of an Image Writer
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 8,640. Language: American English. Published: July 25, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Female authors
This is a book of poetry that I wrote. It covers my feelings, thoughts, ideas, and memories. It includes poetry from just looking at images, taking photographs, and from my dreams. Everything in this book is a one of a kind poem. Ones that you can't find in any other book anywhere. I hope that people enjoy what I write and will let me know how they feel about my poetry.

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