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  • Comes the Night on March 08, 2013

    A novel twist on the little colonel series of over a century ago, in that this paranormal action filled book is set in a private girls boarding house. Normally I would avoid books featuring paranormal topics, however despite that I really enjoyed this well written fast moving text. One of the first books that was so well proofed that there were no SPG errors. Possibly a spin off of dual authorship and a good editor.
  • The Complete Monster Exchange Program on March 08, 2013

    Well things have come a long way since Tom Brown's school days.While our English and History teachers may have accepted us reading Enid Blyton and Jean Plaidy respectively, it might be difficult for parents and teachers to approve of these books,but that would be short sighted, overlooking introducing girls and boys in particular to topics that matter to them, using a wide range of vocabulary and a psychedelic range of characters with accompanying illustrations. This series of stories have good crosslinkings between them despite different authors. However this did result in diversity in writing, with Bigfoot gets noticed being my least favourite story. Some typos that would need attention at locations. 334 pair/854 versus/949 snugly/1787 Rod for Cleats/3076 thatshe /4283 Bart for Brett
  • Down at the End of the River on March 08, 2013

    These short stories set in Louisiana had a Guy de Maupassant feel to them.They were thought provoking, reflecting the vagueries of human relationships, many ironic in outcome. The writing was colloquial in style which reflected the characters portrayed. The material provides readers the opportunity to reflect on everyday life in today's society and uses an extensive vocabulary. In my opinion the opening paragraph of the gang of three was superb, and was sold short by not being at the beginning.