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I live in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. I have always loved to write, using the creative outlet to work through the pains and tragedies, happy times and loves of my life ever since I was about ten years old. My books have truth to them, how little or how much is my secret. For as long as I can remember, I have been smitten by the biker lifestyle and have been riding since I was 16 years old.

My career path has included over 15 years of upper management positions in two large companies and working as an independent contractor and consultant with responsibilities that included creating websites and Methods and Procedures manuals, editing and proofreading a wide variety of documents and measuring and reporting business performance benchmarks and profit and loss. I have also owned my own business as home rehabber in the real estate investment market. Most recently I have taken my experiences with writing and editing and started a new business designed to bring the cost of editing services down to reasonable levels for authors that have not yet reached best seller status and am currently quite busy editing and staffing my business with exceptional people that I can depend on to represent my new venture.

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  • A Drive In A Car on Feb. 06, 2013
    (no rating)
    A Drive in a Car by Roger Gerald Scott – Short Story Review 5 stars and 10 minutes of tears! This piece is by far my favorite short story ever. I am a little biased on this one though, I’ll admit. I lost my father this past year, suddenly and unexpectedly and this story struck a note very close to me. It actually gave me a comfort that I needed right now and I thank this author personally for that! I won’t say that if you have ever lost someone you should read this, everyone has or will lose a loved one and this is a must read for all. The metaphorical style is flawless and successfully takes the reader’s mind across the years between being a small child and growing into an adult with the influence and love of their father. An excellent bonus about this read is that the concept is broad enough to allow the reader to apply this descriptive scenario to whomever in their lives affected them in this way and feel it just as deeply. This author has demonstrated exceptional skills in writing yet again and shows his versatility in writing content from one piece to the next! Can’t wait to read more from Roger Gerald Scott. Reviewed by Debra L Hartmann, author and editor, and is posted on blog page at Help promote this author by writing your own review after you read it! Be sure and stop by Roger’s Twitter profile and let him know what you thought of the short story! @RogerGScott
  • The Commuter on Feb. 06, 2013
    (no rating)
    This short story written by Author Roger Gerald Scott, as expected, demonstrates his charming english writing style and clearly exceptional way with words as this time it strives and succeeds to deeply relate to the inner worker bee in all of us. Derek is your typical mid-life executive that resolves to acknowledge the tedium and disappointment of his ever changing working environment as it spans the lifetime of this successful corporate banker and family man. From changes in technology, population and big brother's influence as it creeps further and further into our working world, we all can appreciate Derek's story. The author's prose weaves an idyllic image of the lifestyle Derek had created for his family and how detached and unavailable it is to him as he toils away at his job unhappily for 14 hours a day. Without spoiling the end, I can not say more! True to form and style previously enjoyed in other short stories by this reviewer, the reader's imagination is coaxed easily to follow and expand upon the imagery this author's prose creates for them. This is an exceptionally well written short story as are Roger's other works and a must read! Join my bookreview blog site at Support this great author by reviewing it here after you finish reading! and don't forget to stop by his twitter and let him know how much you liked it! @RogerGScott