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Calling myself a confused college kid is my obnoxious alliterative way of saying I went to college without any idea of what I truly wanted to do with my life. I started my college career majoring in architecture at The Ohio State University with the hopes of a bright future in designing colorful buildings. My first indication that I was in the wrong field was when my Architecture History professor asked the class who their favorite architect was. My answer was Dr. Seuss. The class laughed at my joke, but I was serious. The joke fell flat on my professor's ears when she mentioned that most of the buildings depicted in his stories were not physically possible (laws of physics and whatnot). Stubborn as I am, my silent response was that I would continue to dream up these kinds of buildings in my imagination as I trudged through the creation of real-life structures in my next classes. And so, in the midst of a mild Ohio winter, The Travels Series was born.
One snowless February afternoon, I was cooped up in my dorm room. My colleagues were downstairs in the basement of Baker Hall, working tirelessly on their studio projects; I had slapped a few pieces of foam core together and decided it was structurally sound. My thoughts began to drift off in all kinds of directions and for whatever reason, I became intrigued by the expressively vivid colors of eyes, so I decided to create a world centered on the concept of eye color. The first story took approximately three months to complete. I was very focused and constantly engrossed in the story -- which reflected heavily on my grades. I have now completed the first two books in the trilogy and I am currently working on the third book.
After several more months of confusion and deliberation on where it is I actually want to go to school (I transferred to the University of Arizona for an entire semester), I have officially decided to return to Ohio State this fall with a major in English! I can only hope my English professors are more receptive to my imaginative daydreaming.

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Travels -Vinculum
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 74,420. Language: American English. Published: May 23, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Immediately following Romulus's trap, Layla's training is accelerated while a plan is set in motion to rescue the Queen. But when a few warriors' loyalties come into question, the rescue mission is threatened and the possibility of war escalates for the Castellum. The emerging doubts and the loss of her mother tempt Layla to flee back to her old life in New Mexico, and when given an ultimatum.
Travels - Castellum
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 75,930. Language: American English. Published: May 23, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
There has always been something considerably different about Layla Reese: her eyes are unnaturally colored and practically useless for sight, her hair has three atypically colorful shades blending into one natural one, and her adoptive parents seem as though she was the child they’d hoped they wouldn’t receive. Despite this, she has managed to find acceptance among her select group of friends.

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