David Macfarlane

Smashwords book reviews by David Macfarlane

  • Sharp Edge on March 07, 2019

    If Stephanie Plum could see auras and lived in Australia she might aspire to be Tara Sharp. Another well-written mix of rounded characters and conundrums. Hopefully not the end of this saga.
  • Galactic Empires on Aug. 16, 2023

    Promoted to me by an author (whose contribution I had already read and much enjoyed). Undoubtedly the best introductory compendium I have ever encountered. [It even spawned a brief appearance of Kindle app on my first "smart"phone until I established Smashwords was approved non-proprietary distribution source and downloaded from them.] Each of these novels -and none of them qualify through merely being longer than novellas - is a stand-alone story. Yes they all spawned, or might even have been pilots for, series. The variation on the theme is ialso mpressive (kudos to who-ever oversaw the compilation). I have enjoyed reading further in all these series (including novel now withdrawn from compilation) - except one (and that author appears to have concluded his period of exclusively publishing via another platform, so that might still happen) - and am current on those of both Patty and Joe. Ratings-wise this collection could probably round up to four and a half, but feel each title individually is comfortably on upside of four. Well-written, thought-provoking, reading-time not mis-spent. A real bargain for any reader with interest in space-based science fiction, especially since none of components have been perma-free for years. No cost but the download (and any resultant purchases) plus however much, or little, time reader cares to invest. What's to lose?