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Being taught the joy of reading by his mother at age 3, Don has always been attracted to the written word. To this day, you can seldom find him without a book within reach. His fascination with vampires started in the 60s, when he first watched Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing play out their timeless battle. Something about the POWER of the vampire caught hold of him and would not let go. As Hollywood continued to provide rich, crimson visuals, authors like Stephen King, Eric Lustbader, Marc Olden, and Brian Lumley all served to feed his fascination with that dark, eternal struggle.
His own foray into this shrouded world, as a scribe in his own right, had a somewhat different beginning. In the mid-90s, Don was invited to a live-action vampire role-playing game. For the game, he was tasked to write a brief description of the character he wanted to play. Even though one session was enough for him to see that the game was not for him, the character he created managed to endure. Using a formula he has since managed to hone into an actual technique, that one-page character sketch served as the seed which birthed the violently twisted world of EDO BLOOD.
Ironically, this success circles back to his mother. If she had not ‘insisted’ he take that typing class in high school, EDO BLOOD may have never seen the light of day.
Outside the world of EDO BLOOD, Don has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. He works a full-time job that he actually enjoys and is working on becoming more active in his church. His hobbies include playing a very large, very loud drum set, collecting Hot Wheels cars, H/O slot car sets, Coca Cola polar bears, movies, Progressive Rock music and playing with his oldest daughter’s dog, Barclay.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
As with any type of entertainment, they’re simply everything. Without fans to be entertained, there would be no entertainment. I can’t believe there are entertainers out there who shun their fans. I can understand not wanting to be stalked, and things like that, but for events, signings, tours and things, you shouldn’t just hide out in the hotel and be like, “Oh, I hate all that stuff…” No. ‘…all that stuff…’ is what it’s all about. If it weren’t for ‘…all that stuff…’ you’d be back home, grinding out your 9-5, instead of hiding out in your hotel room. You’ve got to give back. The fans deserve it. <ok, you hit a nerve with this one—rant off>
What is your writing process?
I think of stories as coming from a seed and you use questions to grow that seed into a story. For example, you start with a situation: A woman is driving down the road. Then you ask questions: how old is she? What race is she? What kind of car? What color is the car? Where is she driving from and to? Why is she driving? Is she alone? There are hundreds of questions that can come from one, simple situation and those questions create even more questions. Put those answers in a logical order, sprinkle in some dialogue (or not), location and atmosphere and you have a story.
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