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  • Argo on Jan. 15, 2012

    While no single element is all that new (much of what has been tackled over the years, from Lang & von Harbou's "Metropolis" to Asimov's "Bicentennial Man" (and other "I, Robot" stories), to Kubrik & Spielberg's "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" and Dick's "Do Robots Dream of Electronic Sheep" (on film as "Blade Runner"), to even an episode of the 1950s radio series "Dimension X"), this short tale indeed is well-written (well above the majority of SF written particularly in the furry community), with likable characters. Without giving away the ending, it is indeed "Twilight Zone"-ish, with a hint of "The Matrix", in a way that's typical in literary hard-SF. ....And I think I'm in love with the mouse ani-droid, Eo... :) Worth the buck twentynine. :)