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  • The Wizard's Journal: Blood Moon - Book 1 on July 18, 2014

    I first purchased and read this book as a paperback. The publisher gave me a coupon to also download a eBook for FREE on for already buying the paperback version. *********************** Blood Moon, the first book of The Wizard’s Journal series, is authored by new author J. T. Hunter. In my opinion, Hunter hits a bullseye with his first book. He wrote his novel in the first person as Daniel Zane, who is a wizard that fights werewolves in New York. Not ordinary werewolves mind you, but shapeshifters that have integrated themselves into human society. An uptown lawyer leads the wolf pack who also works for an ancient deity from another world. Zane fends off demons, witchcraft, shapeshifters, and join forces with a hybrid pack to defeat his adversaries. What I liked most about the novel was how Hunter developed believable characters who I came to feel were friends. The story was also not all blood and gore and encompassed personalities having a sense of humor and played active roles. It was also not over done with magic, which is there, but I felt the relationships among the characters is what Hunter wants readers to experience. From having a light hearted food fight to fighting werewolves in an underground arena, there is something for everyone in this well written book. There are 386 pages of magic, fighting, humor, and adventure. The first 41 pages are devoted to developing the story of a Harvard professor who discovers an artifact that belongs to a wizard. After he is kidnapped by his sister, who he has no memory of, he learns that he is the great wizard Azul who has come back to Earth to protect mankind. Once that happens, things pick up quickly and I was really engaged with the characters and read the entirety of the book non-stop. A great first novel by a new author who I am sure will not disappoint in upcoming sequels. According to the publisher’s website (, the second book in expected to launch on September 30, 2014.