D.M. Kenyon


By American standards,D.M.Kenyon has led a highly unusual life. Raised on a farm in Michigan, Kenyon's quest for education started with an undergraduate degree in English and a law degree from one of the nation's top law schools. This mainstream educational path took a ecclectic turn when Kenyon became a founding member of a highly energetic Aikido dojo in the Midwest that was affiliated with several of the world's greatest masters.

Around the same time, Kenyon also began serious study and practice under a Tibetan vajra master and spent two and half years in a training program for Buddhist lamas. As the founder of a satellite Buddhist congregation and a co-founder of the St. Louis Buddhist Council, Kenyon has spent nearly two decades teaching people how to open their minds and step outside of the ocean of suffering and distraction to become socially engaged and highly effective individuals.

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