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David M Wynn was born in a suburb of Manchester, England, at a time and in a family where the possibility of being a writer was not one that immediately sprang to mind.
He began his working career by studying engineering, following a family tradition that would take him into the British Merchant Navy as an engineer officer; this provided the opportunity to sail the world's oceans, before settling down to a lifetime working in industry and battling the preconceived notion that manufacturing was an outmoded concept and that banking was the way to a golden future for all. Now we know better, but not before manufacturing was starved to death.
David's writing career began when he was diagnosed with cancer and found that very little information was available and directed at and for the patient.So his first book was aimed at helping patients understand the prostate cancer condition and the treatment that they would receive.
It was not until he retired from full time employment that David began his first novel, the gestation of which occupied several years and taxed the patience of both family and friends, before reaching publication in 2012.
David lives in Macclesfield in Cheshire with his wife, Fiona, and cat, Tansy.

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