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I'm an Australian author with a history of publications in literary and film review, poetry, drama and short prose under imprints within both Australia and overseas. For my self-published books I've chosen to write under the pen-name DN Charles.

My passion is travel, and my background is in teaching and, recently, as a lecturer and tutor at some prominent Australian universities. A major life change in 2003 was the impetus to set me firmly on the writing path with my first memoir novel Child Of The Moon which, after some e-Book success in 2010-12, returns to Smashwords and other e-Book outlets.

As a new relationship brought with it a new betrayal I decided to leave it all behind- to embark on an impulsive 100 day escape around the planet, alone, from Melbourne to Paris. The story of that trip is also available on Smashwords as How To Use The World. I'm currently writing the third installment of this personal trilogy.

Currently I'm planning to release Child Of The Moon in both paperback and hard cover in 2021, after seeking support via Patreon.


Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
I have to use a routine. For this book (Child Of The Moon) it is as described in there- up at 4.30 or 5 (a.m.!) and into it for at least an hour. For HTUTW I wrote and recorded much of what went into the final book - with about 9 revisions. The best way to start writing - even when you don't feel like writing anything - is to tell yourself that you'll only do it for a few minutes (AND believe it!). I wrote a little blog about it and it really does work. Since Covid hit I've learnt the guitar using the same process - just slip out of the room when the TV is shite and sit down and write or record when's next in your next book. Recording is featuring largely in my Part 3 book - just grabbing a note or an idea on a walk or in the middle of the night on the phone, then typing them up randomly when feeling 'uncreative'. Then the jigsaw begins...
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yeah, and it was quite recent, for someone my age. I wrote a little 'lullaby' story for one of my daughters for when she couldn't get to sleep. It was illustrated too. She loved it (I think!). I sort of miss it - it's way back in the old floppy disk days somewhere. Might have to have a look for it because i have a granddaughter now.
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