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How do you teach preppers to become medics? How do you guide them to where they feel comfortable dealing with medical emergencies?

These are questions Dr. Chamberlin has been asking himself since the late 90s. They're important because in an apocalypse - you are the doctor! You'll be alone or in a small group and have no one to turn for help. The healthcare professionals will have either been killed or drafted by the military, and you'll be on your own! So what do you do?

After two decades of considering the problem, it seemed to solve itself. The internet made resources available not previously imagined. Training videos and discussion groups sprung up everywhere. But still missing were well-written guides stuffed with usable information. Books that could be digested in one or two sittings and stuck to the formula called "this is what you do." Preppers don't want to sit through a physiology class. They want high-yield practical information easy to get through. They're busy. They have other preps to get to!

One day Dr. Chamberlin wrote that "this is what you do" book. It's called The Prepper Pages, and it's guaranteed not to disappoint you!

In it Dr. Chamberlin details the ways preppers can scavenge what they need for a medical kit - if they find themselves without one. Or if a person is putting together a kit, he discusses the most useful items to have and how to use them in the field. "Creatively locating and acquiring" antibiotics and other medicines in disasters is reviewed in depth. So are suturing, splinting, and treating most illnesses you can expect to see.

To support learning he has created instructional videos and posted them to his blog and to The Prepper Pages channel on YouTube. If you'd like more information, or you'd like to contact Dr. Chamberlin, visit him at ThePrepperPages.com.

Dr. Chamberlin is a professor of medicine living in Portland Oregon. He blogs on a number of subjects in Wilderness and Field Medicine.

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