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  • Why Software Gets In Trouble on Dec. 10, 2010

    Why Software Gets in Trouble After three quarterly “successful” releases a company had 453 defects opened in a single day against the “successful” releases. Many books exist for any given programming language. Every developer had two or three at their desk. One book on software engineering may exist for every 100 language books. Maybe not. I noticed one developer had one. 453 defects don’t suddenly happen. Something in the process and culture allowed them to build until they could no longer be ignored. It seems to me someone at the company might benefit from learning about system dynamics and the reasons behind software errors. Why Software Gets in Trouble is the only book I know of that explores the systemic dynamics and reasons behind software errors. Using stories, graphs and Diagrams of Effects, this book explores how different software cultures: * notice and think about errors * detect failures * locate the faults behind the errors * resolve faults * apply and handle pressure The content applies to both managers and developers. If you’ve wondered why you keep experiencing the same patterns concerning shipping software, this book will help you understand why. If you’ve not read How Software is Built (, you might find reading the appendices on Diagrams of Effects and Software Engineering Cultural Patterns helpful prior to starting the main text.