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Donald J. McGill—hey, that’s me—is married and has a sense of humor. Like most San Franciscans, I started out someplace else—in my case, a bump in the road called New York City. However, seeing my name in San Fran’s white pages made me a native, just like the other three-quarter of a million citizens whose names are inscribed there.

Nowadays Doris and I make our home in Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from the City. Marin County--that’s that suburb full of hot-tubs that everybody drives past on the way to California’s wine country.

It's amazing how many visitors actually manage to find their way back to the bridge after a tough day deciding whether to try the red or the white. Or both. Of course, they did paint the bridge orange to make it easier to find when you’re in a, in THE fog, that is.

I've spent a career’s worth of time working for high-tech companies in the media and entertainment industry, serving radio, TV and news outlets. However, my affection for talk radio developed when I took a job with a ninety minute commute one-way.

The knights of the airways, those great over-the-top right-wing talk show hosts, kept me company on the daily grind. Later on, I got the chance to commute across San Francisco Bay by ferry boat and started spending that time with my fictional talk radio friends, Jerry Jeremy and his pals.

TUNE IN TO DANGER was written during my daily Bay crossings and I looked forward to every minute of it. I plan to spend more time with Jerry and Christy and the gang, so be on the lookout for their further adventures.

Thanks for your interest in my stories, and I guess, in my story too.


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