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  • Storm and the Magic Saddle on March 11, 2012
    (no rating)
    Sorry Don, stick with the How To, and Gambling books! This book was intended for children, but much of the writing failed to relate to children. I think you had a good idea, but got lost in trying to belittle certain people as villains, instead of entertaining children. Also, being a breeder, and horse lover for many years, I found much of your so called "factual" material inaccurate. Perhaps if you had done your homework, you could have added some accurate information. I found the book to be slow and boring. Sorry, I can't recommend this book to anyone.
  • Storm and the Magic Saddle on March 13, 2012
    (no rating)
    Sorry Don, er, bill...tried to read the book....check out some of the teaching material, inaccurate....and some of the words..."naivete" (how many young children know what this is. Reminds me of an old Dick Van Dyke t.v. show where Dick tries to write a children's book and uses the word "morose" instead of many children know what morose is? It was used in the comedy, as a bad NOT to write a children's book. I thought this was a place where we could read a book, and give an honest opinion. This criticism was offered in a helpful manner, sorry if it was taken otherwise. Honesty is a very important attribute, and should be practiced, don't you think?