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'Nathan Burgoine
Latest book: Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. Published December 11, 2018.
A.J. Marcus
Latest book: Chasing the Waves. Published March 23, 2018.
A.R. Moler
Latest book: Primary Next of Kin. Published May 31, 2018.
Aisling Mancy
Latest book: Les Tromperies du Cœur. Published December 25, 2017.
Albert Nothlit
Latest book: Spirit of Fire. Published December 14, 2016.
Andrew Grey
Latest book: Auction Action. Published November 2, 2017.
April Andrews
Latest book: Omega Abducted. Published January 23, 2019.
Bonnie Dee
Latest book: Phin's Christmas. Published November 1, 2018.
Diana DeRicci
Latest book: Breaking from the Past. Published January 9, 2017.
Latest book: Apocalypse—Not. Published July 13, 2018.
Hurri Cosmo
Latest book: The Astral Mage (Captains to the Wolf #1). Published April 6, 2016.
Hurri Cosmo
Latest book: Ghost Wolf. Published January 17, 2018.
J.J. Massa
Latest book: The International Worlds Museum I: Metamorphose. Published August 9, 2012.
J.P. Bowie
Latest book: This Christmas. Published December 9, 2018.
Jo Tannah
Latest book: Around the Block. Published January 25, 2019.
Jordan Castillo Price
Latest book: Imperfect Match. Published March 19, 2018.
Kaje Harper
Latest book: Love and Lint Rollers. Published October 9, 2018.
Katya Harris
Latest book: So Says the King!. Published February 6, 2019.
Latest book: Dragons de Feu: Rhaege. Published January 9, 2019.
Kendall McKenna
Latest book: Brothers in Arms. Published March 24, 2017.
Lexi Ander
Latest book: Releasing Chaos. Published August 2, 2017.
Rebecca Brochu
Latest book: Partners in Love. Published March 6, 2018.
Robert Lubrican
Latest book: A Model Mother. Published February 9, 2019.
S.J. Frost
Latest book: Demon Prince. Published March 31, 2017.
Shannon West
Latest book: Shot Through The Heart. Published February 13, 2019.
Shannon West
Latest book: Blackwater Falls: Dark of the Moon. Published October 1, 2013.
Sharon Maria Bidwell
Latest book: Ruff Trouble. Published January 12, 2019.
Summer Devon
Latest book: The Shepherd and the Solicitor. Published March 25, 2017.
Talia Carmichael
Latest book: Jade & Conrad. Published January 16, 2017.
Vicktor Alexander
Latest book: Daddy's Boy. Published August 14, 2015.
Victoria Sue
Latest book: Kiss of the Alpha. Published August 27, 2015.