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Donna, better known as "Donnaonthebeach" helps women who KNOW there is more to life to fall in love with their lives, and make their Dreams a Reality along the way.

Why “Donna On The Beach”?
Following my midlife crisis (which I had in my twenties – get it out of the way early, I say), I jacked in a perfectly good job that I hated, and went round Australia with a backpack. My e-mail address for the trip was ‘Donnaonthebeach’, and this alter-ego was born – a fun-loving, passionate, optimistic, free and cheerful Donna who believed in following her intuition and living life to the full. (she had always been there but had been hidden under a layer of bullsh*t about how life ‘is’)

On my return, this was the alter-ego that refused to settle back into ‘normal’ life, and KNEW that there was something better than ‘this’. Within 3 years of my return, i was packing in the day job to work as a life coach and onsite masseuse – and I love it!

I have kept the ‘OnTheBeach’ hook because it fits my philosophy on life perfectly – life is here to be enjoyed. Despite the fact that I currently live as far away from the beach as one can in the UK, I still live the ‘beach-life’ – I follow my intuition, have fun, do what I enjoy, relax and enjoy myself. Why on earth should we only be able to do that on a fortnight’s holiday?!

I believe that we all have a unique place in the world – that we all have something amazing we are here to do, and when we show up fully, powerfully and authentically, the world benefits from our magnificence. I have found my road to run on to achieve my life purpose, and now I want you to have that too. Your future is there waiting for you – are you ready?

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started a weekly newsletter in 2005, then a blog in 2006, and I've written more and more and more since then...and discovered that writing is my passion, and my love. I hadn't written since I was a kid because I thought I couldn't write. It just goes to show you can start something new any time!
What's the story behind your latest book?
For years, mentors, coaches and teachers have been telling me to fall in love with life, but I didn't know 'how' to do it - I thought it had to be perfect, that I'd fall in love with it when everything was as I wanted it (hahahaha!). But they kept saying 'fall in love with life as it is now' - so for the last 7 or 8 years, that's what I've been doing, and this book shares my favourite tools and techniques that I've been sharing with my clients as I've fallen more and more in love with my life.
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Latest book: Ascension Codes. Published September 9, 2017.

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  • Visionary Tales for the New Earth on Oct. 08, 2014

    I adored fairy tales as a child, and I adore them still now - I've read a chapter from this book every night before bed and each one has made me smile and get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. For big kids of all ages.