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  • Sex With A Lingering Kiss on May 11, 2011

    I am a voyeur. Reading this book by Ms. Shore was a delight because I was able to play the voyeur. Even better, the hot little letters gave me ideas of what I can do to my DH. I can't wait to write my only sexy letters to get my DH into the mood. Thank you Ms. Shore. My DH will be thanking you too
  • Dirty Lady Katherine on May 11, 2011

    Alexis! What are you doing? Why are you writing these delightful sexy stories with me relating as the bloody voyeur? Sigh. I enjoyed this story and it reminded me of Abby Lee, “Girl with the one track mind”. This story was well written and enjoyable. I admit it made me rather wet which was awkward as I was in a tiny bikini, laying out at Dickenson's Bay in Antigua. I wanted to play with myself with each scene. I think my DH figured it out because he suggested we go back to our “room”.
  • Bitten on May 11, 2011

    This is one story I didn't enjoy as much from Ms. Shore. I think it was because I was genuinely confused for a bit. This is a vampire story but not. I reminded me a bit of the movie, Lair of the White Worm. Lily didn't do much for me either. I couldn't relate to her and she's a type of person I don't befriend. I don't like this type of person because they are basically aimless without any purpose. This is anathema to my existence. This is why I didn't enjoy the story as much as other Ms. Shore's stories. I still rated this a 3 because I enjoyed the f/f sex. The strap-on scene was delicious.
  • Tender Mercies on May 30, 2011

    Want to be a submissive 24/7? How about being a slave, pampered on an island careered to men of wealth who own women as slaves? This isn't the first book I've read with this concept. This is probably the first one where it's so realistically done in a plausible contemporary setting. Grace is a girl who enjoys being owned. She wanted the reality of slavery. Personally, I think Grace is an idiot. Her only friend, Lainey, tried her best to help Grace go in with her eyes wide up. What does Grace do? She goes in with her eyes wide shut. Now you may think I'm being harsh, but really, people need to take responsibility of their actions. Grace chose to feel guilt and blame herself when Lucas turned out to be a nightmare. That is one way to deal with it. Did I feel badly that Grace was tortured? No. I felt bad that she suffered at a cruel and sadistic bastard. Did I feel outrage? Not exactly. Grace is one of those people I believe benefit from learning things the hard way. Boy did she have a hard eight month lesson. I think she's better for it. Asher - I've loved this name since I first saw it in an Anita Blake book. Asher is our anti-hero. He's quite the deviant yet lovely dom. I'm glad he was able to resolve the issues of his past and move on. He's amazingly good for Grace and I'm glad they have met. This story was intense in some ways. It wasn't as intense for me as Comfort Food, but it was still quite well done. I know I'm reading Ms. Thomas's books out of order. I really should read Guilty Pleasure first. I still have that one on my list to read. I recommend this book for anyone who's contemplated a 24/7 D/s lifestyle. This was a nice balance of the possibilities in BDSM lifestyle. There is good and there is bad. Another winner from the talented Ms. Thomas.
  • The Plantation on July 19, 2011

    I realize this has been categorized as BDSM by Ms. Cooper. I'm categorizing it as glitterkink. This is not a bad thing, this is good thing. The Plantation is a club for the elite rich with decadence that I'd love to experience. I would never be able to afford a membership there. However, I would be happy to be an employee there. Where is this place?!?! The amount the workers are paid is LOVELY. The fee for the club is $150,000 a year. Wow. With 428 members, that is $64,200,000 a year. If we take out the original 5 investors and the buddy, it would be $63,300,000 a freaking year. Even with employees paid at 100 grand a pop with 50 employees, that is only $5,000,000 in salary. Of course there is overhead, operating costs, benefits and employer taxes to pay but seriously, that is still a hell of a lot of money generated every year. My mind is just boggled. Dayum! Can this really happen? If so, I want in on it. Okay, back to the review. There was a little bit of BDSM in it. Not enough for me to qualify as BDSM, but enough for me to consider it deliciously kinky. Ms. Cooper writes hot sex scenes that are raw and arousing. I can always count on this from her. This is a new twist of a story where the main story is about a murder. I was guessing the entire time and it was a pretty slick ending. Ever scene even the ones I figured were pointless tied back in to explain the ending. There were only two loose ends that did not make sense in my mind and I couldn't reconcile. I'm hoping maybe there is a second book as a follow up to clarify it. Billy was oddly detached and clinical. I actually liked that about him. The other cast of characters were okay for, no one really pulled me in. Mike, Pam, Sue and Chris were okay. The only time I really liked Billy was when he adopted a dog. He became human for me. This story is a fast read and enjoyable the entire way for me. Each book from Ms. Cooper becomes more polished. And she does have the best book covers! I recommend this book to those who like a bit of "who done it" mystery mixed up with hot erotic sex.
  • Under By Treaty (SciFi Romance) on Nov. 14, 2012

    Now this is a book which is filled with hot domination and alien lifeforms. Jaden is a 30 something General of what used to be the United States. 30 is young, but since the world has been decimated by the Qui, it's more plausible. Jaden is a strong man who's always in command. The leaders of Earth trust him and rely on his strategy. No one is more surprised than Jaden when the Qui offer to give Earth independence if Jaden surrenders himself. The term surrender here is loosely used. Basically, Jaden a dominant male needs to submit to any treatment the Qui determines necessary to break him and make him loyal and loving of the Qui. So basically we have a male who is being sold into slavery and in order for this to work, he has to willingly fall in love with the ruler of this alien empire. In addition, the ruler may at any point share him with other aliens of both sexes to be sexually violated. I'm sorry, exactly how is this going to work? Obviously, the Earth's leaders (which all happen to be MALES) are horrified and say no. Yet a couple days latter they agree and Jaden's been sold off to sadistic sexual slavery. I need to clarify, the sadism in here is really more torture than it is BDSM sexual lifestyle. This is more a BDSM fantasy story than a BDSM contemporary lifestyle story. Since this is a sci-fi type story, I figured that would be obvious, but just in case, I thought I'd make it a point. Wow - Ms. Stonor certainly knows how to torture a man. I'm impressed with what she puts Jaden through to break him down. The turning of him from enemy to friends was really impressive. This is the best enemy to lover story I've read in a long time. The sexual tension was just right. The guilt and confusion Jaden felt was perfect. I didn't really like Sonil which is why my rating is only a 4 star. Still, the systematic training Sonil (the Qui) put Jaden through was great. The worlds Ms. Stonor created is pretty interesting. It's not fully fleshed out, but there is enough there for those who read sci-fi to fill in the blanks. It would be nice if there are additional stories in this world. I would love to see stories about Sonil's brothers and her mother. It would be interesting to see how they find Earth. I'm seeing kinky F/f, M/m and even a menage for these three characters. They don't all have to find "slaves" on Earth. There were several other worlds mentioned. It would be nice to learn more about those other worlds as well as the aliens from those worlds. Mostly, I enjoyed this book because the femdom aspect was HAWT! Sonil is not evil. She's strict and carries out exactly what she states she will carry out. She's not exactly unemotionally, but at times, she hard to relate to and I really wanted to just kick her several times. Still, the corporal punishment and some of the bondage scenes were tasty hot. I nearly pulled out a toy for some "fun" time while reading this book. What is best is the twist in the end which I did not predict at ALL and I LOVED! It was awesome. I highly recommend this to all my kinky friends who enjoy femdom with an alpha male.
  • Under By Duress on Nov. 14, 2012

    This was a pleasant surprise and ranks a 3.5 star in my books. Ms. Kayla Stonor is a new to me author. She's burst onto the scene with hot femdom stories which show both character development and plot. Best of all, the women aren't cruel psychotic bitches from hell. The men aren't some pushover doormat wanting to be degraded. This is a non-con story which definitely turned into dub con. Tahima is a submissive who's been burned badly. She's also a switch, which is interesting. While Tahima is doing her best to get over her heartbreak of trust broken, she literally runs into Gian. Gian is a mafia son's boss on the run and an alpha male to boot. Watching Tahima snap and then kick Gian into submission was pretty funny. They say a cornered animal is the most dangerous. It appears to be true for Tahima. The plot pretty good with a bit of suspense. The answers were easy to deduce yet the ending was a little twist that was not exactly anticipated. It was a good ending. I enjoyed it. I recommend this book to femdom lovers who wants a smart heroine and an alpha male submissive.