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  • Believe on June 18, 2012

    Despite the bad editing, I found this book to be one that I got into very quickly and the story caught my attention. I did often find myself seeing Twilight coming through, but I feel sorry for authors in this genre, as I think they will always find the comparisons being drawn. I enjoyed her writing style though and think that the author has great potential. What I didn't like about the book was the character development. Andrea went from not knowing anything about herself, to suddenly having a mother, being a princess etc, way too easily. She totally accepted her mother and everything else with very little question. I also thought that she was so sweet to start with, but her entire character seemed to change almost immediately. She also described herself as plain, without ever having a boyfriend before, but suddenly a boy from every paranormal group was crzy over her. The book just became too unrealistic for me and I found myself losing interest and struggling through the 2nd half. This said, I will repeat that the author has great potential and I would definitely try her nextbook to see what she brings forth.